How to be healthy without struggling too much

People who tried to change a lifestyle often joke that this kills them. Let's try to figure out how to lose weight without side effects. There are hundreds of different tips about a healthy lifestyle with european brides on the internet. All of them promise that in the end you will have better health, and will live longer. Usually, those words create false expectations, and as a result, people face unexpected difficulties and stop trying. Doctors say that at least two-thirds of those who are trying to switch to a healthy lifestyle give up in the first months. Read our list of tips to learn how to change your life without struggling too much.

1. You don’t need to hurry

Changes always require planning and a gentle approach. Don’t try to immediately break Olympic records. You should never quit all your bad habits at the same time. If you try, then most likely in a few days you will abandon your new habit forever. Doctors recommend moving smoothly

2. Choose a sport that suits you well

Beginners enviously look at experienced people who run, swim, go to the gym, cook special soups, drink tricky cocktails and incomprehensible vitamin complexes. But in reality, it is not important in what physical activity you are engaged in. To begin with, you can start using the stairs. If you live or work on the 4th floor, then by every day going up and down the stairs, you will immediately begin to spend a huge amount of energy

3. Try to sleep as much as you really need

Modern people don’t pay any attention to the quality of their sleep. Nowadays it is normal for us to watch an extra episode of our favorite TV series, although we need to get up early tomorrow. Meanwhile, our sleep is our rest, and it provides us with energy for tomorrow. It is not necessary to sleep 10 hours a day. On the contrary, in recent years, many studies show that the myth of 8 hours of sleep can already be forgotten. In most cases, it is enough to sleep for 6-7 hours. Try to arrange your daily routine so that you go to bed and get up at the same time. Buy a comfortable bed and ventilate the bedroom.

4. Deal with stress

Stress and the accompanying hormone cortisol are the main enemies of your health. It is not possible without stress management to make your life better. If you are often nervous, anxious, or depressed, then you need to take decisive steps. A meditation or slipping pills help against insomnia. In the end, there are psychological counselors or even psychotherapists. A person exhausted by stress suffers from various problems. Set clear goals. Those who decide to just “start running” or just “start eating less,” as a rule, are bot successful in their attempts. This doesn't mean that you need to hang medical sensors from head to toe and kill yourself in a gym.

5. Set clear goals

Try to realistically evaluate your capabilities and start dropping at least a couple of pounds per month. Or, set a goal to lower your blood pressure. It has to be a precise explanation of what those changes have to bring to your life. Thus, it will be easier for you to understand if you are doing well or not. The more aspects of your health and training you control, the more efficient you are.